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Nouveau livre

"Le monde des réseaux"

(Eds. Odile Jacob)



New Book

Spatial Networks

A Complete Introduction: From Graph Theory and Statistical Physics to Real-World Applications

  • Updated and largely augmented version of previous works (Table of contents here)

  • Provides a comprehensive review of this interdisciplinary field

  • Illustrates how graph theory and statistical physics can help solving practical problems

  • Contains many examples of real-world applications from transportation networks to the brain

Springer 2022


  • New paper about the impact of the Ukrainian crisis

       on global food security posted on the arXiv

  • The paper about hypergraphs (arXiv)

       is published in Phys Rev E

  • New paper posted on the arXiv about mobility data

  • Our paper about the Spatial structure of city

     population growth appeared in Nature communications !

     Nature communications 13, Article number: 5931 (2022)

  • Our paper about dominance trees

       in systems of cities is published in

       Computers, Environment and Urban Systems

  • 05/22 New paper about the evolution of road infrastructures

       networks published in PRE

[More news]


  • Short video on our Nature paper "The growth equation of cities" available here (in french)

        and epidemic spread (in french)

  • Seminar at the LPTMS in Orsay (10/13/2020) "Networks and

       disease spread: a short review for physicists" available

       on youtube here (in French)

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