December 2019

  • New paper on the arXiv: Revisiting the coupling between

       accessibility and population growth

November 2019


October 2019

  • Conference on complex systems CCS19 in NTU-Singapore

  • Our paper: "The shape of shortest paths in random spatial networks" is

       now published in Phys. Rev. E

September 2019

Feb-July 2019

  • Our paper "Critical factors for mitigating car traffic in cities" is now published in PLoS One. Recently featured in Bloomberg

  • New review paper published in the Comptes Rendus de Physique: "Modeling Cities"

  • New review paper in Nature Reviews Physics on "The Statistical Physics of Cities" (read online version here). 

  • Our paper "The optimal geometry of transportation networks" is now published in Phys. Rev. E

  • Our paper "Efficiency and shrinking in evolving networks" is published in the journal Royal Society Interface

  • New journal launched: Transport findings. New interdisciplinary, open access journal focused on short, clear and pointed research results about transport systems.

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