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New Book on modelling urban population dynamics and statistics (Oxford Univ. Press)

Statistics and Dynamics of Urban Populations: Empirical Results and Theoretical Approaches

  • This book describes all aspects of quantitative approaches to urban population growth

  • From measures and empirical results to the mathematical description of their evolution


Call for Applications for a CNRS PhD fellowship (3 years), starting from October 1st, 2024

Spatial analysis and modeling of music streaming dynamics

As part of the MELODYNAMICS project funded by the CNRS Interdisciplinary Mission (see detailed description

of the project here), we offer a doctoral contract (3 years) starting from October 1st, 2024. The doctoral

candidate will work on the spatial analysis and modeling of music streaming dynamics, applying methods

from statistical physics of complex systems and machine learning. The doctoral student will be based at

Géographie-cités and Deezer and will divide his or her working time between the two locations.

He/She will be co-advised by Marc Barthelemy (Institute of Theoretical Physics),

Thomas Louail (Géographie-cités), and Manuel Moussallam (Deezer).


Recent papers

  • New paper published in Nature Communications:

        "Symmetry breaking in optimal transport networks"

       Defining a city—delineating urban areas using cell-phone data   

  • 01/24 New paper on a stochastic block hypergraph model

  • New paper in Reports on Progress in Physics: 

       "Stochastic equations and cities"

  • 04/23 Paper about a statistical approach to chess

Book on spatial networks

Spatial Networks

A Complete Introduction: From Graph Theory and Statistical Physics to Real-World Applications

  • Updated and largely augmented version of previous works (Table of contents here)

  • Provides a comprehensive review of this interdisciplinary field

  • Illustrates how graph theory and statistical physics can help solving practical problems

  • Contains many examples of real-world applications from transportation networks to the brain

Springer 2022

Popular science book (in French)

"Le monde des réseaux"

(Editions Odile Jacob)

In the (french) media:

- Chronique d'Etienne Klein ici

- Emission sur RTBF Tendances première

- Emission "La librairie de l'Eco" BFM Business

(1ere diffusion Samedi 11/02 16h30)

- Interview pour Le Figaro (27/02)

- Chronique dans Le Monde (28/02)

- Emission RFI "Autour de la question" (21/03 15h00)

- Sud-Radio "Le numerique pour tous" (02/04)

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  • Short video on our Nature paper "The growth equation of cities" available here (in french)

        and epidemic spread (in french)

  • Seminar at the LPTMS in Orsay (10/13/2020) "Networks and

       disease spread: a short review for physicists" available

       on youtube here (in French)

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