• Short video on our Nature paper "The growth equation of cities" available here (in french)

        and epidemic spread (in french)

  • Spatial Data Science (SDS 2020) Keynote speech

  • Seminar at the LPTMS in Orsay (10/13/2020) "Networks and

       disease spread: a short review for physicists" available

       on youtube here (in French)


  • New paper about empirical evidences for a jamming transition in road networks (to appear)

  • New paper in the "Handbook of Cities and Networks" (Eds. Neal, Zachary P., Rozenblat, Céline)

       The structure of urban networks

  • New paper about one-ways and percolation, posted on the arxiv:

       "From one-way streets to percolation on random mixed graphs"

       Published in Phys. Rev. E

  • New paper (in french): "La croissance des villes vue par la

       physique statistique", Reflets de la Physique

  • New paper "The growth equation of cities" published in Nature

       (view-only link here). Interview on YouTube here

  • New paper and dataset about access to mass rapid transit

       published in Nature's Scientific Data

  • Report: The future of urban science: integrating

       the social and natural sciences

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