• Interview for the Arval Mobility Observatory about a science of cities

  • Seminar at the LPTMS in Orsay (10/13/2020) "Networks and

        disease spread: a short review for physicists" available

        on youtube here (in French)

        and epidemic spread (in french)

       access journal focused on short, clear and pointed research results

       about transport systems.

November 2020

  • Available Postdoc position at the IPhT for 2 years. For

       details see here

  • New paper "The growth equation of cities" published in Nature

       (view-only link here). Interview on YouTube here

September 2020

  • New paper and dataset about access to mass rapid transit

       published in Nature's Scientific Data

April - July 2020

  • New paper posted on the arXiv about the future of the world airline network

  • Our paper about the coupling between accessibility and

        population growth is now published in the Journal of Physics: Complexity

  • Interview published in the popular science magazine Science & Vie

  • How is life in a carbon-neutral world ? An interview for a

       paper by Kate Ravilious in Physics World

  • Interview about networks and epidemic spread for the french

       newspaper Libération -link here

  • In this terrible covid pandemic context, we posted on the arxiv

       a paper about the impact of interurban movement and travel

       restrictions on the population structure in China.

  • Report: The future of urban science: integrating

       the social and natural sciences

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