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Press releases and interviews

  • Interview for Le Monde "La deuxième révolution de l'électricité" (16/04/24)

  • Interview for Sud-Radio "Le numerique pour tous" (02/04/23)

  • Interview for RFI "Autour de la question" (21/03/23 15h00)

  • Interview for Le Figaro (27/02/23)

  • Article in Le Monde (28/02/23)

  • TV show "La librairie de l'Eco" BFM Business (11/02/23)

  • Interview RTBF Tendances première

  • Article in Physics about the evolution of road networks (07/03/2023)

  • Radio interview for RFI, ‘Autour de la question’, 19/03

  • Radio interview for Sud-Radio, ‘Le numérique pour tous’, 14/03/23

  • TV interview for BFM Business ‘La librairie de l’Eco’, 11/02/23

  • Radio interview for RTBF, ‘Tendances premières’, 08/02/23

  • Interview for the newspaper Le Figaro (27/02/23)

  • Article in the newspaper Le Monde (28/02/23)

  • Chronicle - Etienne Klein in France-Culture (08/02/23)

  • Interview in the newspaper Le Monde about the science of cities (22/06/2021)

  • Article about our paper "The growth equation of cities" in the newspaper 20Minutes, in Political Calculations

       and in the journal The Conversation

  • Interview on YouTube about the paper "The growth equation of cities" published in Nature (Nov 2020)

  • Article in about the paper "The growth equation of cities"

  • Interview for the popular science magazine Science & Vie (may 2020). 

  • Interview for the paper "Life in a carbon-neutral world" by K. Ravilious for Physics World (April 2020).

  • Interview about networks and epidemic spread for the national french newspaper Liberation (02/04/2020).

  • Articles about networks and cities published in the popular science magazine "La Recherche" in a special issue (2019)

  • Our paper "Critical factors for mitigating car traffic" is discussed by Mark Buchanan in Bloomberg (14/08/2019) and Nature Physics

  • Fait marquant Direction de la Recherche Fondamentale -CEA (in french).

  • (2018) Article about the Science of Cities in the popular science magazine "La Recherche"

  • (2018) Interview for the french newspaper Le Monde, 22/01/2018

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