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In this page you will find links to various data (Subway data now available). This page is always more or less under construction, all the links are not guaranteed to work...

General links (socio-economical data)

Open data initiatives

Urban data

Subway and Railway data

        (you can use freely these datasets but please refer to the corresponding paper for citation).

  • (Some) Parisian metro data, here

  • World subways: The files contain the name and location of stations and the adjacency matrix of the network, in the Pajek format. These datasets correspond to the state in 2009 of the following networks: Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Mexico, Moscow, New York, Osaka, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo. You can contact me for these datasets, and you can refer to our paper 'A long time limit for world subway networks'  for citation. 

  • The multilayer temporal network of public transport in Great Britain we used for "Anatomy and efficiency of urban multimodal mobility" is publicly available on Scientific Data, 2: 140056 (2015)

Networks and maps

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